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    1. From any protrusions on the wall drop a level line on the floor.
    e.g. for height 1800 drop down to 'B' (Pic.1), for height 1900 drop to 'C'.

    2. Do the same from all walls (back wall as well).

    3. Make a Square of your Cold room on your floor. (e.g. you have to deduct from 2000 - 300 (A) (Pic.1 - you have a pillar) - desired height (B or C).

    4. Check your height ('h') from ANY overhands (e.g. an obstruction from your ceiling that you are not able to remove) mm

    5. Provide size mm mm

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    Industrial Quality wire shelving suitable for Cold Rooms

    These free standing units are constructed from galvanized steel, and have been designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

    With a wide variety of sizes available they make the perfect storage solution.

    To aid you with assembly, the posts are marked at intervals of 10cm with a special groove. This allows you to cut them down to any height you require.